About Us

This Blog Site records the travels of Kevin Powell & Karen (Kaz) Grindrod and our dog Bob aboard our syndicate shared narrowboat.

After hiring narrowboats for a few years and always thoroughly enjoying our experiences on them, we decided to take the plunge and look into buying a syndicate share.

Once we had looked at a few boats that were managed by the main management companies and assessed their costs we decided to see if there were any privately managed boats that had shares available.

Having trawled through the internet we found a couple that were privately owned that had shares available.

Tranquility was one of those that had a share available, moored at Aquaduct Marina, Church Minshall just outside Nantwich, we hastily arranged a viewing (well as hastily as Covid allowed us) and once we got on board it soon became apparent that we both loved the boat and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to have the pleasure of spending time going up and down the canals in her

In a couple of weeks all of the paperwork was completed, the share was paid for and the Direct Debit set up for payment of the monthly upkeep contribution. This concluded we received our set of keys to the boat & a schedule of the weeks allocated to us that had been chosen by the people we bought our share off.

Our first week on the boat was 12th September 2020 (my birthday), so the countdown to our maiden voyage began.

A big thank you for all of the communication, running about and effort that Lynn Bellard (Chair Person of the syndicate) undertook to ensure that we could conclude our purchase speedily & safely while understanding exactly what was being done.

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