A Week on the Middlewich and Trent & Mersey

Having arrived on Tranquility at 1.00 on Saturday we unpacked the car and got everything on the boat, once that was completed it was a visit into Nantwich to get some provisions (and not a small amount of alcohol). Once we had returned to the boat we decided to unpack everything and stay in theContinue reading “A Week on the Middlewich and Trent & Mersey”

Aqueduct Marina to Ellesmere and Back

Saturday 12th September 2020 saw us set off for our first trip on Tranquility, after picking the boat up at about 2.00pm, familiarising ourselves with it and unpacking we set off down the Middlewich Branch of the Shropshire Canal towards the Shropshire itself. For the first afternoon we navigated two locks and after an easyContinue reading “Aqueduct Marina to Ellesmere and Back”